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Should you be concerned if your contact lenses are bothering your eyes?

One of the most frequent problems that patients who wear contact lenses complain of is their eyes being dry.

This is not a thing that is restricted to people who use contacts - other people feel these disorders as well.

But symptoms of dry eyes can be more obvious if you wear contact lenses and your contacts begin to dry out, too.

Don’t be too concerned however, as there are lots of things you can do to make these difficulties go away.

If you feel discomfort, or your eyes become irritated or red-colored, then you need to experiment with some other producer or version and check if they are more comfy.

There are emerging technologies that enhance lenses especially for men and women who suffer from these irritations, which regretfully are the principal reason for men and women to cease using contact lenses entirely.

Correcting the problem starts with a visit to your eye doctor so he or she can examine the reason of your dryness ailments and decide the ideal way to improve your contact lens wearing comfort and ease.

It is not exceptional for people to avoid consulting with an expert, as they are afraid that they will find out that they should not wear contact lenses any more.

Nevertheless with the current assortment of new contact lenses and care products, the necessity to discontinue contact lens wear altogether is very remote.

Various producers of contacts are investing heavily into research that has come up with versions that improve these symptoms for those who find average contact lens don’t fit them well enough.

Here are some popular manufacturers. You can find and buy them all at

These new silicone hydrogel contact lenses have MoistureSeal technology that produces unmatched convenience and sight all day in comparison with the leading silicone hydrogel contact lenses, according to the corporation.

They are especially designed with a new technology that gives round the clock humidity for people who have problems with their eyes becoming dry.

The team is so confident in their new product, that they will even give you with a complete repayment for any unopened box you return to them for 90 days after you order them.

Made by Alcon, these single-use daily disposable contact lenses offer an advanced water gradient layout: The liquid content is about 33 percent at the core of the lens and increases to higher than 80 percent at the front and back surface.

These contacts are made to be comfortable and leave your eyes feeling silky for long periods, and might just be the thing for you if you are finding regular models to be irritating.

The inspiration for these contacts comes from the layout of the human cell membranes. They attract liquid and preserve it, and are promised to be moist for at least 12 hours - which is more than sufficient for most users.

Proclear has a big edge however, as they are the single organization to have received formal approval from U.S. health agencies, so they might be a perfect first step for men and women who find typical contact lenses to be unpleasant.

They are excellent because they come in many forms and dimensions, and you are guaranteed to find the model you are looking for, regardless what your needs are.

Manufactured by Hydrogel Vision, Extreme H2O is another brand of soft contacts that many eye physicians recommend to minimize contact lens-related dry eye problems.

These high-fluid hydrogel contact lenses have unique liquid-binding attributes that allow Extreme H2O contact lenses to retain practically all their water content throughout the day, according to the team.

Numerous models are available, and any good eye surgeon has them stocked so stop by and try them out.

A new method to combat the irritable symptoms connected to lens is to maybe only use them through the night when you go to bed.

There is a new method of using contacts, and specific versions that are only designed to be used during rest.

These models are made to ameliorate the problems of your vision, whatever they may be, overnight, and help you function without contact lenses during the day.

By getting rid of the need to use contacts in the first place, the user will probably escape from the symptoms we described above.

Solutions to Help You Preserve Your Contacts

There are many products that are advertised as being ideal for caring for your lens, but be careful that not all of them are as great as they declare to be.

In particular, many silicone hydrogel lenses demand specified contacts care products to increase their comfort on the eye.

Be aware though - these can also be the first symptoms you see of a much more serious disorder, one that can possibly be taken care of if it is identified in time.

Glaucoma, for instance, is a severe eye disease that has no symptoms at first but can steal your sight if it's not managed with medication.

The tests to find these ailments and problems are very straight forward - but you will only be able to find them at an optometric’s office.

Seek advice from your local optician and get his feedback on the type of maintenance products that you need to take care of your contact lens. He will suggest what is ideal for your type, and it is much better than trying by yourself.

But if you changed types later on, you may have started problems.

And if you switched to a "store brand" contact lens product, you may feel you bought a generic form of the product you were already using, but in reality you could be using a totally different product.

We can’t recommend this enough - talk to a specialist for any kind of problems and remedies with regards to your eyes.

Is there any material or element that causes you discomfort?

There is something more to think about when you are determining on the solution to use for the maintenance o your lens.

Even though they are much more convenient, they may contain special additives that can really cause difficulties.

The specific formulations of these solutions can even be a cause of the symptoms we went through at the beginning of this guide, so it is essential that you are very conscious of what it is that you are using.

For instance, if your eye consultant thinks that you may be having a negative response to one of the substances that you are using, he may recommend that you try a different kind of maintenance solution for your contact lenses.

A quicker remedy to this problem is to just wear disposable contact lens, that you take out at the end of every day.

With these models, there is no requirement for cleaning or maintenance, so they are a great solution for anyone who is not interested in the daily traditions of contact lens maintenance.

It can happen that the issues you may be suffering from with your eyes can be easily helped by using eye drops now and again.

Although some may consider this to only be a band-aid option, with a little experimentation you will definitely find a brand of eye drops that will greatly help you and help keep your eyes moist for considerable periods of time.

Again, talk to a specialist, who will give you the best recommendation after taking a thorough look at your eyes.

If you determine to go with drops that contain lubricant, it is even more worthwhile that you speak with an expert who will know which supplement is safe for you to use.

Many over-the-counter eye drops are not intended for use with contacts, and not all lens-compatible drops are suitable with all lens materials.

Your eye doctor also can tell you about other potential remedies for contact lens-related dry eyes, including eye vitamins, flaxseed or fish oil products and medication eye drops for dry eye relief.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Secret to Getting the Correct Eyeglass Prescription for Yourself

One of the initial signs that you need reading specs is not being able to read characters at the same close range as earlier, and you find yourself needing to move newspapers and pages much further than you normally would have required to.

Reading specs come in two main designs: full frames, in which the whole lens is made in the studying prescription, and half-eyes, the more compact "Ben Franklin" type eyeglasses that sit lower down on the nose.

For most people, the full-lens type is suitable, as it will allow you to comfortably go through a lot of written material easily.

If you try to look up and across the area through the studying lenses, everything appears blurry.

If you find this to be a problem for you, then the model with the smaller lens is a better way to go. You will only see through their lens if your eyes are pointed down (to where usually papers are supposed to be), whereas if you look ahead normally, they won’t impair you.

Generally, individuals who have never needed specs in the past will start out with a set of reading eyeglasses rather than bifocals or no-line progressive lenses, which are usually a better choice if you have a need for distance as well as near correction.

There are also many great options that are easy to take with you when you are out and about around town. Companies have come up with many innovative versions of spectacles that can fit into tiny cases and are easy to carry.

You may have even seen plastic lenses mounted in credit card-sized cases that slip easily in a pocket — horrible for studying a book, but fine for those times of desperation when you just want to know if the menu says "filet de boeuf" or "foie gras."

If you are an outdoorsy person, there is a great solution to get reading specs with darkened lens - and shield your eyes from harmful UV radiation. If you are really enthusiastic on spending as much time as possible outside, and need to see normally while requiring support to read maps or guide books, there are great models of sunglasses that have the lower part of the lens be made to help your near sight, while the upper part remains regular and does not hinder your sight.

Here are some reasons why it is better to get glasses that are made to measure for you, rather than buying pre-made models

Reading glasses can be custom-made for each individual through an optical dispenser, or they can be purchased "ready-made" at a pharmacy or department store.

Ready-made readers became popular in the 1990s: three times more pairs were purchased during that decade than ever before, at an estimated rate of 30 million pairs per year.

The cost of these eyeglasses is their main advantage - they are quite inexpensive, and so you can easily own several pairs without feeling a big dent in your wallet.

They are great for mixing and matching with your outfits, as they are often made in exciting shapes and come in many different colors. They don’t cost a lot, so you can experiment with them to your heart’s content.

When you tire of the model you are wearing - no problem. Just throw them in the drawer and go buy your self a new set.

Pre-made studying glasses also allow you to stash additional sets in different rooms of the house, as well as in your car, office, briefcase, purse, boat, and so on.

Of course, they have their downsides too. The reason they are cheap is because they are mass produced, so you are stuck with a model that is not made for your particular needs.

The prescription is the same in both lenses, and the location of the optical center of the lenses is not customized for each user.


Be prepared for some nasty conditions if you are using spectacles that are unsuited for you - headaches, sickness, red eyes…

As soon as you notice that you are suffering from any of these problems, make sure to visit your local optometrist as soon as possible.

It is essential to realize the difference between eyeglasses that you use for going through literature and documentation, and those that you use while working in front of a screen or monitor.

Combining one type with the other will probably not give you the results you are expecting.

To start with, the screen or monitor is never as close to your eyes as a document or printed text you are reading.

Also, if your reading glasses are the type that force you to lean your head back in order to view your monitor, you're placing unnecessary strain on your neck muscles.

If you find yourself looking at a monitor or screen for long periods of the day, you should get particular glasses for that activity.

The Danger of Forgoing an Eye Exam

A further risk with using ready-made spectacles is not the quality of the specs or their lens, but with the customers who buy them and their reasons for doing so.

Don’t just go to the store and buy a new, stronger pair of eyeglasses when you believe you need one. First be sure that this is the proper thing for your eyes.

In fact, a recent survey of presbyopes revealed that 17 percent ordered readers because they "didn't want to bother with an eye test."

If you care about your eyes, please visit a certified expert first who will be able to tell you that you in fact need a new set of spectacles, and who will be able to assist you on what exactly is best for you.

It’s very likely that your need for a new set might be due to age and to natural processes.

But it might also signal a serious problem with your eyes that can be dealt with if found in time.

There are many eye troubles that can even cause you to lose vision, but that can be managed with adequate medication if recognized in their early stages.

Do yourself a favor and get a simple test done every 2 years at your nearby eye hospital or optician’s.